A description of the other island named cuba

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___ History of Cuba

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Geography of Cuba

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Bikini Atoll

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Rhode Island in the Limelight: Film

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Explore Cuba

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Cuba and Porto Rico: with the other islands of the West Indies: their topography, climate, flora, products, industries, cities, people, political conditions, etc. Leading Newspapers Three national periodicals circulate in Cuba.

The newspaper with the largest circulation is Granma, which since its founding in has served as the official news organ of the Communist ncmlittleton.com other two national publications are Juventud Rebelde and Trabajadores. Cuba is composed mostly of limestone, a soft, porous rock that easily erodes.

As a result, the island is honeycombed with caves and has the highest density of caves of any place on earth. Cuba is an island country in the Caribbean Sea.

The country is made up of the big island of Cuba, the Isla de la Juventud island (Isle of Youth), and many smaller islands.

Havana is the capital of Cuba. Christopher Columbus landed on the island in and named it Juana after Prince Juan, the heir apparent to the throne of Castille. The name "Cuba," an abbreviation of .

A description of the other island named cuba
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