Biography of william tecumseh sherman essay

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William Tecumseh Sherman

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William Tecumseh Sherman

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William T. Sherman Biography

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Tecumseh, a Shawnee chief, opposed white settlement in the United States during the early s. He was killed during the War of Tecumseh was a Shawnee Native American chief, born about Died: Oct 05, William Tecumseh Sherman (), American soldier, was a Union general during the Civil War.

He captured Atlanta and Savannah and wrought great destruction in marches through Georgia and the Carolinas. Immediately download the William Tecumseh Sherman summary, chapter-by-chapter analysis, book notes, essays, quotes, character descriptions, lesson plans, and more - everything you need for studying or teaching William Tecumseh Sherman.

William Tecumseh Sherman May 8, in Lancaster, Ohio. He was educated at the U.S. Military Academy and later went on to become a Union General in the U.S. civil war. “James McDonough’s William Tecumseh Sherman is the first major biography of this complex, challenging figure in almost a quarter century, and it is deeply researched and thoughtfully presented.

Engagingly written, it brings new perspective to Sherman’s prewar years and the benefit of a lifetime of study to his Civil War career/5(). William Tecumseh Sherman was born to a prominent family in Lancaster, Ohio, on February, 8,one of 11 children.

His father, Charles Sherman, was a successful lawyer and Ohio Supreme Court Born: Feb 08,

Biography of william tecumseh sherman essay
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